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Urban Strike A Rogue Warriors Narrative Campaign PDF VERSION

Urban Strike A Rogue Warriors Narrative Campaign PDF VERSION

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PDF: This product is the PDF Version of URBAN STRIKE: A Rogue Warriors Narrative Campaign. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a copy of the core rules to play this supplement. Find them in Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game available here


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PLEASE NOTE: You will need a copy of the core rules to play this expansion. Find them in Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game available here



Prepare for intense urban combat in Urban Strike: A Rogue Warriors Narrative Campaign, where every street corner and rooftop becomes a battlefield. This expansion plunges you into the heart of Bozeman, Montana, now under the ruthless control of the Coalition of Allied Socialist States (C.A.S.S.). As part of the Free American Army (F.A.A.), you’ll lead daring missions to reclaim your town, disrupt enemy operations, and ignite the spirit of resistance. 

Key Features: 

  • Narrative Campaign: Experience a gripping storyline that unfolds over six thrilling missions. Each scenario builds on the last, immersing you in the desperate struggle for control of Bozeman. From covert infiltrations to all-out assaults, every mission tests your strategic skills and bravery.
  • Faction Backgrounds: Delve into detailed backgrounds for each faction involved in the conflict. Learn about the brave resistance fighters—the Resistance, Green Berets, and Marines—and the formidable enemy forces—North Korean paratroopers, Russian Spetsnaz, and Cuban Black Wasps.
  • Six Missions: Engage in a series of challenging missions that take you from the chaotic initial invasion to high-stakes sabotage operations. Each mission offers unique objectives and obstacles, keeping gameplay dynamic and exciting.
  • Two Bonus Solo Missions: Take on two solo missions designed for single-player action. These missions offer a focused challenge, perfect for honing your skills and advancing the storyline on your own.
  • Urban Warfare New Rules: Adapt to the unique challenges of urban combat with new rules that emphasise the tactical complexities of fighting in a city environment. Utilise rooftops, escape via construction chutes and ladders, and set up ambushes to outsmart your enemy.
  • New Expertise and Specialisations: Equip your forces with new expertise and specialisations, enhancing their abilities and giving you the edge in battle. Train your units in urban warfare tactics to maximise their effectiveness in the cityscape.
  • New Weapons and Gear Tables: Arm your fighters with an expanded arsenal of weapons and gear. From assault rifles to improvised explosives, these new options add depth and variety to your tactical choices. 

Urban Strike: A Rogue Warriors Narrative Campaign brings the heat of urban warfare to your tabletop. Will you rise to the challenge and lead your team to victory, or will the streets of Bozeman remain under enemy control? The fate of the town—and the country—rests in your hands. 


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