Collection: Population Z One Shots

Population Z 'One Shots' are used to tell a story. Perhaps a background of a Survivor. Maybe how a Zombie character was turned and created. The One Shots will be different to the campaign skirmishes as they: 

  • Are set on smaller battlefields - typically 2ft x 2ft
  • Focus on main character NPCs
  • Feature fewer Shuffler Zombies - sometimes none!
  • Introduce new Survivor characters
  • Introduce new Zombie characters
  • Offer new fun mechanics to try out
  • Allow you to discover new items and gear
  • Challenge you to complete a specific task or puzzle
  • Take less time to play (unless you fail the challenge!) 

The Huntsville Campaign - included in the Core Book - focuses on the outbreak, so we've made sure there are a lot of Zombies in those skirmishes ... A LOT. As the story develops, the game evolves, and more campaigns are released, the scenarios and number of Zombies will change to reflect the environments. 

One Shots will fall in between these campaigns, so you can base them in another part of the fictional world or try them out with a totally different Group of Survivors. You can also play them as 'side-quests' during a campaign to give your Survivors a chance to recover or to find new gear. 

Population Z is all about having fun with our friends and family, and sharing exciting adventures together around the table. If that sounds like something you'd like to get involved with, come and join us!