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Huntsville Assets Book: Population Z PAPERBACK VERSION

Huntsville Assets Book: Population Z PAPERBACK VERSION

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Enhance your journey through the zombie-infested world of Population Z with the Huntsville Campaign Asset Book. This comprehensive collection is the perfect companion to the core game, designed to bring your skirmishes to life with a mix of printed components.

This deluxe asset book contains 116 character and gear cards, offering a range of options to customise gameplay. With these cards, you can tailor your strategy, equip your characters, and prepare your Survivors for the unexpected challenges that await them. 

The book also includes 291 tokens to track your progress, resources, and encounters. Immerse yourself further with 8 detailed tables and a stunning, full-colour map of Huntsville, setting the scene for your post-apocalyptic adventures. Navigate through the hostile landscape, plotting your course to survival.

Bring the characters of "Population Z" to life with 110 standees. These vibrant and detailed standees represent friends and foes alike, adding a dynamic visual element to your tabletop battlefield.

While the Asset Book is optional, it's a fantastic addition to enhance your Population Z experience. Cut out the cards, standees, and tokens, protect them with card protectors or laminate them, and you're set for an even more engaging and organised play session.


Character and Zombie Cards x 116 
Tokens x 291 
Standees x 110 
Search Tables x 8 
Reference Sheet x 1 
Full-colour Huntsville Map x 1 
Additional resources x 10 


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