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Weekend Warriors: The Ultimate Tabletop Skirmish Game To Play With Your Kids!

Weekend Warriors: The Ultimate Tabletop Skirmish Game To Play With Your Kids!

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Weekend Warriors is the ultimate tabletop skirmish game to play with your kids! It’s a fast-paced, action-packed tabletop skirmish game that is fun to prepare and play together. The rules are simple and quick to learn but provide enough depth to keep the bigger kids just as immersed and entertained! Learn the rules once and then apply them to any genre. 

You can use any models to represent your warriors, from construction toys to paper drawings to your favourite plastic or metal miniatures. Then all you need is a measuring tape, gauge or ruler, some six-sided dice, and a keen imagination. 

Set your game in any setting; Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, modern or zombie-infested apocalyptic wastelands; it's up to you. Tell your story your way as you develop adventures based on your interests. Weekend Warriors gives you a framework to build your stories around as you prepare and play your game. 

As you take control of the narrative and choose which rules to use and which ones to leave out, it’s great for any age. But the game is perfect for children aged 7+ when all the rules are in play.

A big part of the game is choosing your band of warriors. This is where your imagination can be let loose as you create your Warband and equip them with the gear and skills they need to succeed in battle. 

This book gives you everything you need to create epic adventures with your friends and family. So that leaves one question. Are you ready to accept your destiny and become a Weekend Warrior!?


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