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Ungentlemanly Warriors Solo PDF VERSION

Ungentlemanly Warriors Solo PDF VERSION

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PDF: This product is the PDF Version of Ungentlemanly Warriors: A Rogue Warriors Solo/Co-op Campaign. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a copy of the core rules to play this expansion. Find them in Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game available here


PAPERBACK:  If you would prefer to order the Paperback version, it is currently available at Amazon. Follow these links to order your copy:



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Dive into the heart of World War 2 clandestine operations with Ungentlemanly Warriors, the action-packed narrative campaign expansion for Rogue Warriors. This new adventure unfolds across Europe's war-torn landscape, offering a series of gripping fictional missions inspired by the SOE's covert operations that shaped the war's outcome. 

As darkness envelopes Europe, a special forces team of elite Warriors emerges to challenge the Axis's might, engaging in operations that blur the lines of conventional warfare. Ungentlemanly Warriors invites players to step into the boots of these daring operatives known simply as 'The Gang' or take command of the Axis special forces, The Schwarzschild, led by the sinister General Friedrich von Luger. 

This expansion deepens the core rules found in Rogue Warrior and introduces Solo and Co-op Rules that pit you against the cunning AI of the game. Choose your path: the tense and strategic PvP experience, where minds battle minds across the war-torn landscapes of Europe, or go it alone, orchestrating daring raids, sabotage missions, and covert operations against a relentless AI adversary. Included are: 

- Solo/Co-op rules that can be applied to other Rogue Warrior games 

- Sentry Cards & Patrol Paths 

- AI Charts to control the Enemy Warriors 

- 6 new Solo/Co-op Missions 

- Templates 

Every mission within Ungentlemanly Warriors will put your Warriors to the test, with victory or defeat carrying weight into the next encounter. Triumph brings bonuses and advantages, weaving each outcome into an evolving story of resistance and aggression. From the dimly lit streets of a French town to the secretive compounds hidden high in the Alps, each setting is a homage to the era, blending historical inspiration with fiction. 

Whether you're orchestrating a daring rescue in the heart of the occupied territory, sabotaging critical supply lines in the dense forests, or engaging in a decisive confrontation on an island garrison, Ungentlemanly Warriors offers a deep, strategic experience that honours the spirit of those who fought from the shadows. 

Prepare for a campaign of cunning, bravery, and ungentlemanly acts of warfare. Will you undermine the Axis's plans and pave the way for Allied victory, or will you be swallowed by the rising tide of the Enemy determined to strengthen their hold over Europe? The fate of the war rests in your hands. Let's see what you're made of! 


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