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RON JAMBO Warrior of the Week

RON JAMBO Warrior of the Week

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PDF: This product is a Free PDF supplement to use with Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game and the Tour of Duty Campaign Expansion. Big thanks to our friends at Hayland Terrain for sponsoring this fun weekly Warrior of the Week feature. In the PDF you will find: 

  • A new Character Card to use in your games 
  • Background on the new character
  • Blank Character Cards, so you can create your own 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a copy of the core rules to use this expansion. Find them in Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game available here

PAPERBACK: The Paperback version is currently available at Amazon. Follow these links to order your copy:



AMAZON Germany & Others: 

Once you've purchased the Paperback book, drop us an email to and we'll send you the PDF version for FREE! 



Welcome to the thrilling world of "Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game," where strategy, cunning, and planning determine the victors of intense, fast-paced battles. Designed for swift learning and easy teaching, "Rogue Warriors" immerses players in the diverse and evolving landscape of modern warfare, spanning the gritty battlegrounds of World War 2 to the shadowy realms of current-day covert operations. 

At the heart of "Rogue Warriors" is a game system that values speed, intuition, and adaptability. Players assemble their Mission Teams, carefully selecting from a wide array of expertise, each with unique capabilities and limitations. Specialists and weapon choices further enrich the gameplay, introducing dynamic rules and strategies that ensure no two games are ever the same. 

The mix of historical, contemporary, and fictional settings allows for an unparalleled variety of skirmish scenarios, movie recreations, and historical reenactments. Use the 'Mission Builder Table' to create 1000's of Missions for any era and theatre-of-war, with prompts, locations, enemies, objectives, winning conditions and 36 deployment maps. Rogue Warriors is miniature agnostic, too, so you can use your favourite 28mm miniatures or collections in scales from 15mm to 40mm. 

The game's mechanics are streamlined yet deep, designed to keep the action moving and the adrenaline pumping. "Rogue Warriors" features alternate activations, allowing players to react and adapt swiftly to the unfolding chaos of the battlefield. However, this familiar system comes with a twist that adds an extra layer of strategy and unpredictability, challenging players to think on their feet and outmanoeuvre their opponents in real-time. 

Whether you're orchestrating a daring raid behind enemy lines, defending a strategic position against overwhelming odds, or executing a covert operation in enemy territory, "Rogue Warriors" offers an engaging and immersive skirmish experience. With easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach rules, quick setup times, and the flexibility to play across various eras and settings, "Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game" is the perfect battlefield for new players and veterans alike. 

Prepare your Teams, choose your battlefield, and enter the fray. Victory awaits those bold enough to claim it. Welcome to "Rogue Warriors."

THANK YOU! - Thank you for taking an interest in Rogue Warriors. The game is heavily supported on our Tabletop Skirmish Games YouTube channel where you can watch how to play videos, guides, terrain craft, ask questions, and lots more. I can't wait to see you there!

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