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Population Z Character Ella

Population Z Character Ella

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This Character & Assets PDF is optional; you don’t need it to play, but it is a great addition and a convenient option that gives you a pre-made Survivor. Cut out the cards, standees, and tokens, use some card protectors or laminate them, and you are good to go! 

Thank you again for purchasing this book. We hope you love playing Population Z as much as we do. 



Ella is a resilient survivor in a world ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. Ella quickly learned that she would need to navigate the dangers of this new world with stealth, agility, and sharp wits. Her agility makes her an exceptional climber, able to scale obstacles and navigate abandoned buildings easily, turning the environment to her advantage in her quest for survival.

Orphaned in her early years before the outbreak, Ella didn't suffer the heartbreak like most of the other survivors she met. Her skills made her very useful in the group, as the others knew the importance of silence and secrecy in a world filled with threats from both the living and the undead. This group quickly became Ella's family, something she never experienced before the outbreak. 

Ella's preferred weapon in her survival arsenal is a trusty knife, a gift from her late mentor, a not-so-lucky survivor who taught her the art of close combat. This skill has saved her life more times than she can count, as she's become proficient in using her knife not just as a weapon but as a tool for survival, whether it's for defence, hunting, or navigation through the barricaded, zombie-infested urban landscapes.

Ella's journey is not just one of survival but of finding a sense of purpose amid the ruins of the world. She's not looking for a cure or a way to bring back the old world; instead, she seeks to protect her new friends and find a place of safety where they can resist the apocalypse together. Through it all, Ella remains a beacon of hope and resilience, proving that even in the darkest times, human courage and determination can shine through.


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