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Population Z Character Bubblegum

Population Z Character Bubblegum

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This Character & Assets PDF is optional; you don’t need it to play, but it is a great addition and a convenient option that gives you a pre-made Survivor. Cut out the cards, standees, and tokens, use some card protectors or laminate them, and you are good to go! 

Thank you again for purchasing this book. We hope you love playing Population Z as much as we do. 



Bubblegum is a rugged, charismatic drifter with a knack for survival. Born and raised in the outskirts of Northwood, he grew up learning the ins and outs of machinery, making him an adept mechanic. This skill has become invaluable in a world where the remnants of humanity cling to any advantage they can find. Bubblegum's early life was marked by hardship and loss, which taught him to rely on nobody but himself. His penchant for gambling came from his belief that life is a high-stakes game where the only way to survive is to take risks.

After the mysterious virus began to control the minds of the populace, turning them into mindless zombies, Bubblegum discovered that his mechanical skills and gambler's luck were his ticket to survival. With society in ruins, he roams the towns, scavenging for supplies, all the while evading the hordes of zombies that now plague the world.

Bubblegum's nickname comes from his habit of always chewing bubblegum, which is challenging in the apocalypse with supplies running low. It's a small act of defiance, a way to cling to his humanity amidst the chaos of survival. Despite his tough exterior, Bubblegum harbours a deep-seated desire to find a cause worth fighting for, a reason to believe that there's something more to life than mere survival.

His journey is one of discovery, not just of the secrets behind the virus that turned the world into a nightmare, but also of his own capacity for hope, compassion, and leadership. Bubblegum's path is fraught with dangers, from zombie hordes to human adversaries who vie for control in a lawless world. Yet, his skills as a mechanic, gambler, and fighter make him a formidable survivor in the world of Population Z. As he wanders, he gathers followers, fellow survivors drawn to his charisma and skill, forming a ragtag group that seeks to carve out a place of safety in the chaos, all the while searching for a way to turn the tide against the undead menace.


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