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NEW Legendary Item - The Huntsville Gazette

NEW Legendary Item - The Huntsville Gazette

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PDF: This product is the PDF Version of the NEW Legendary Item - The Huntsville Gazette  

It’s been just over a month since the outbreak took hold of Huntsville, and the Gazette published their final edition of the beloved local newspaper. A lucky Survivor can still find a few copies if they search carefully, and the newspaper can offer them a lifeline long after print. 

Surviving the Zombie apocalypse is all about being resourceful. Newspapers can be rolled up and used as makeshift armour that the Zs will have a tough time getting their rotten teeth through. 

You can make use of the Huntsville Gazette Legendary Item in a number of ways: 

  1. Print off the card and give it as a reward to a stand-out Survivor 
  2. The first time a natural 6 is rolled on the search roll, award that Survivor with this low-key but potentially lifesaving item 
  3. Place a token on the battlefield, and whoever picks it up gets to keep it 

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