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Freighter Mercurius: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

Freighter Mercurius: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

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Freighter Mercurius: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

Freighter Mercurius is a Sci-Fi expansion campaign for Weekend Warriors. The PDF contains 4 new missions to play out alongside a fun story and unique campaign narrative rules. You'll also get new tables for your crew to search that matches the theme.


As the leader of a crew of intergalactic salvage hunters, you travel the galaxy searching for valuable items to sell on the black market. Your travels take you to abandoned outposts, unmanned vessels, forgotten war zones, and hostile planets. While the civilised galaxy has much to offer, the most successful crews venture beyond The Belt, where the most valuable salvage can be found.

A hyperdrive malfunction has taken Transport Freighter Mercurius dangerously close to a Black Hole, and it's now on course to be sucked in! Unable to fix the hyperdrive and escape the gravity field, the crew abandoned the vessel. In their haste, the crew left behind a mixed collection of cargo that may hold some valuable salvage.

Freighter Mercurius was en route to Sector 714 with a mixed manifest of mining and construction machinery and scientific equipment for the research facilities. It is common for freighters to transport prisoners, and rumour is that a high-value prisoner - designation 519 - was also on board. It’s doubtful that the crew took any prisoners with them, so freeing Prisoner 519 could fetch a good bounty or perhaps add a valuable new member to the right crew!? 

This is a high-risk mission with limited time available to carry out a thorough search and salvage transfer. With that in mind, crews will be looking for the highest value items held in the onboard research and medical bays, cargo holds, the bridge, and the brig where the prisoner are held. 

Crews are hurtling to the vessel to salvage what they can before it’s too late and the freighter is lost to the Black Hole. This far Beyond the Belt, crews will be ruthless in their search and can expect fierce competition from other crews!


Your crew did well in Sector 249 and have since made some additions to their ship that will help them to reach Transport Freighter Mercurius in time for a quick salvage mission. With its new gravity propulsion unit, your ship will give your crew the best chance to find some valuable items. But be warned! The longer you remain on the Freighter Mercurius, the more dangerous your escape from the Black Holes gravity field will be. The closer you get, the more fuel you will need to use up to escape! 

Leaving the sanctuary of Space Station Biru, crews rush to travel beyond The Belt on a mission to claim the salvage and their place amongst the best crews in the galaxy! 

Grab your crew, fuel your ship, and prepare for your next journey Beyond The Belt! 


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