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Evolution A Rogue Warriors Sci-Fi Supplement PAPERBACK VERSION

Evolution A Rogue Warriors Sci-Fi Supplement PAPERBACK VERSION

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PAPERBACK:  The Paperback version is currently available at Amazon. Follow these links to order your copy: 



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Once you've purchased the Paperback book, drop us an email with proof of purchase to and we'll send you the PDF version for FREE! 

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PLEASE NOTE: You will need a copy of the core rules to play this expansion. Find them in Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game available here



Prepare to take your tabletop battles to the next level with Evolution: A Rogue Warriors Sci-Fi Supplement. This supplement opens up a universe of possibilities, setting the stage for fast-paced skirmishes in futuristic worlds. 

One of the standout features of Evolution is the introduction of Big Guys. Now, you can deploy larger models and characters from your collection, such as mutants, beasts, machines, or even heroes. These formidable figures add a new dimension to the game, presenting unique challenges and tactical opportunities. 

We've expanded our weapon tables to include experimental alien tech and even Psychic Soldiers! These new weapons and psychic powers are as unpredictable as they are powerful. Use them with caution—while their effects can be devastating, they can also backfire spectacularly. You'll also find rules for: 

- New Expertise 

- New Specialisations 

- New Weapons & Gear 

- Heavy Gear & Mech Drones  

- Sci-Fi Mission Builder Table 

- 6 New Sci-Fi Missions 

- Sci-Fi Campaign Rules   

Customise your forces further with these new abilities and gear items, making each game a unique experience. Whether you're commanding hardened space marines or a ragtag group of alien rebels, these new options help bring your vision to life. 

The six new missions are designed specifically for sci-fi settings. These missions aren't linked in a narrative campaign, so you can play them as standalone challenges or string them together in any order you like.

The Evolution supplement is all about giving you more options, more excitement, and more ways to enjoy Rogue Warriors. Every new rule and feature enhances and complements the core game without complicating it. Our goal is to keep gameplay fast, fun, and engaging while opening up a whole new realm of possibilities and narrative choices for your skirmish battles. 

So, gather your forces, gear up with the latest alien tech, and prepare to take your Rogue Warriors battles to far-off galaxies. The future of warfare is here, and it's waiting for you to make your mark. Welcome to the next chapter of Rogue Warriors. Let's see what you're made of! 


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