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Brambleberry Bridge: A Weekend Warriors Fantasy Campaign Pack

Brambleberry Bridge: A Weekend Warriors Fantasy Campaign Pack

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Brambleberry Bridge: A Weekend Warriors Fantasy Campaign Pack

A 16 page PDF that contains a fantasy campaign pack for Weekend Warriors. The pack includes 5 skirmish battles, background tables, tokens and more.


Brambleberry Bridge is a meeting place for adventurers and crooks alike. Made famous by its delicious Brambleberry Mead, the town is a hub of activity and the perfect place to make a name for yourself. 


Your small band of adventurers have been hired by one of the local breweries to escort the much cherished Brambleberry Mead across Brambleberry Bridge and on to its destination of Hogton. 

The road ahead is treacherous as you will venture through the Dark Woods, the Ruins of Hagglepass and the Tengal Tunnels. 

The cargo is a total of 10 barrels of Brambleberry Mead. For every barrel delivered, you will be paid 10 gold coins. 

But beware! The barrels can fetch 25 gold pieces on the black market, and many a thief will have their beady eyes on your charge! 

Whoever dares to take on this perilous journey will no doubt face some trouble along the way. So they must prepare themselves to defend the cargo at all costs. 


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