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Beyond The Belt: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

Beyond The Belt: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

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Beyond The Belt: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

Beyond The Belt is a Sci-Fi expansion campaign for Weekend Warriors. The PDF contains 5 new missions to play out alongside a fun story and campaign narrative rules. You'll also get a background table for your crew and a searched item table that matches the theme.


As the leader of a crew of intergalactic salvage hunters, you travel the galaxy searching for valuable items to sell on the black market. Your travels take you to abandoned outposts, unmanned vessels, forgotten war zones, and hostile planets. While the civilised galaxy has much to offer, the most successful crews venture beyond The Belt, where the most valuable salvage can be found.

The Belt is a dense asteroid field that only the most skilled pilots dare to navigate. Once through, a vast universe awaits full of riches and dangers. The further you venture beyond The Belt, the more dangerous the missions become - but the greater the rewards too!

Beyond The Belt, ancient civilisations battled for millennia leaving valuable items and advanced tech in their wake. While these civilisations are long gone, they have left behind valuable relics, weapons, and even a few nasty surprises!

However, you are not the only crew of brave salvage hunters who dare to cross The Belt and make a name for yourselves. Others travel there to risk it all for glory and wealth. There are no laws beyond The Belt, so you will not only be battling the hostile environments but also the other crews competing for the salvage! While some crews are honest and decent, most are made up of rogues who will stop at nothing to find - and steal - the prize.

Corporations, wealthy individuals, collectors, and even the Galactic Alliance sponsor the crews. These shady individuals and ruthless organisations are always on the lookout for advanced tech. Those crews who find the rarest items soon attract the most wealthy and corrupt sponsors. Sponsors pay for better ships, better crew members, and better gear.


Intel regarding a potentially high-value sector has been leaked. A prominent collector has agreed to pay top prices for any rare items found, and the race is on to search Sector 249.

Leaving the sanctuary of Space Station Biru, crews rush to travel beyond The Belt on a mission to claim the salvage and their place amongst the best crews in the galaxy!

Grab your crew, fuel your ship, and prepare for your journey Beyond The Belt!


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