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Arenae - The Desert Planet: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

Arenae - The Desert Planet: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

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Arenae - The Desert Planet: A Weekend Warriors Sci-Fi Campaign Pack

ARENAE - The Desert Planet is a Sci-Fi expansion campaign for Weekend Warriors. The PDF contains 4 new missions to play out alongside a fun story and unique campaign narrative rules. You'll also get new tokens and fun rules for your crew to use that matches the theme.


Arenae is a small Desert Planet located in Sector 913. The planet was once host of a vast battle and is strewn with the carcasses of long-abandoned military war machines. The ancient wars destroyed much of the planet leaving only the hardiest inhabitants including the giant Sand Snails and fierce Desert Worms.

While the planet has been long abandoned, it still has much to offer. The war machines were powered by rare Tektite Crystals and with so many tanks, flyers, and weapons of war lay waste across the desert plains, there are surely many still intact.

Your crew are ready to take on the challenge and venture to this wild place in the hope of finding great rewards, but this will not be an easy mission. Although the Sand Snails are harmless, the slime they exude is not. Touch this with bare skin and you will be paralysed for at least 24 hours! Then there are the Desert Worms. These gigantic beasts burst from beneath the ground consuming any living creature they sense walking on the surface.

The planets beastly inhabitants are not your only concern. Other crews fancy themselves capable of taking on the desert planet of Arenae in search of wealth and fame and this far beyond the belt, anything goes!


Your crew did well in their previous salvage mission aboard the Freight Mercurius and have certainly grown in confidence. With a freshly stocked armoury and some additional skills and training, your crew is ready to take on the toughest of challenges.

Leaving the sanctuary of Space Station Biru, crews rush to travel beyond The Belt on a mission to find the powerful Tektite Crystals.

Grab your crew, fuel your ship, and prepare for your next journey Beyond The Belt!


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