What Does the Warhammer Hobby & Martial Arts Have in Common?

What Does the Warhammer Hobby & Martial Arts Have in Common?

What Does the Warhammer Hobby & Martial Arts Have in Common?

On the surface, the Warhammer hobby and martial arts may not have much in common, as one involves painting miniatures and playing a tabletop game, and the other involves physical training and combat techniques. However, I was thinking about my experience with both practices, and there are a few similarities between the two that came to mind, particularly community and development:

1. Attention to detail:

Both Warhammer hobbyists and martial artists need to pay close attention to detail. Warhammer enthusiasts meticulously paint their miniatures, ensuring that each one is unique and has its own personality. Similarly, martial artists focus on precise movements and techniques, honing their skills to perfection. 

2. Strategy and tactics:

In both Warhammer and martial arts, strategy and tactics are essential. Warhammer players must carefully plan their moves and anticipate their opponent's actions to achieve victory. Similarly, martial artists need to analyze their opponent's movements and develop a strategy to overcome them. 

3. Discipline and practice:

Both Warhammer and martial arts require a significant amount of discipline and practice to excel. Warhammer players spend hours planning their armies and tactics, while martial artists devote years to perfecting their techniques. 


4. Practice with better players/fighters:

Practicing with someone who is more skilled or experienced can expose you to new techniques and strategies that you may not have encountered before. This can help you broaden your skillset and become a more well-rounded player or practitioner. I especially like this one, and will expand on it in another blog post. 

5. Community:

Warhammer and martial arts both have passionate and dedicated communities. Warhammer enthusiasts attend events and tournaments, where they can connect with other players and share their love of the hobby. Similarly, martial artists often train with a group of peers and form strong bonds through their shared experiences. 


6. Helping others:

Warhammer and martial arts both have a tradition of helping new people get started and increase their skills. White Belts can train with Black Belts and both martial artists will learn something from the session. Likewise, in Warhammer, a new player can play against an experienced veteran and have a good experience. Of course, the black belts and veterans will almost always win, but that's not the goal.

Overall, while the Warhammer hobby and martial arts may appear vastly different, they share some commonalities that I think are pretty interesting. Approaching the Warhammer hobby with a martial arts mindset will bring many benefits both to yourself and other gamers. You'll grow and develop as a player, help new players get started in the hobby, and help to build a strong community that is fun to be a part of.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!



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