Warhammer 40k Tournament Cornwall UK

Warhammer 40k Tournament Cornwall UK

Warhammer 40k Tournament Cornwall UK

Greetings from the 41st Millennium!

Welcome to the Tabletop Skirmish Games South West Warhammer 40,000 Tournament 2023! We aim to offer you an exciting, fun, and action-packed tabletop gaming experience. You'll receive a quality gaming experience at the event, fantastic prizes, fun surprises, and much more. 

The event will be a great opportunity to play the new 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 in a matched play environment! 

The Warhammer 40k Tournament Cornwall UK Tournament Pack will be updated as we get more information about 10th Edition. The missions will be added as soon as they are made available giving you plenty of time to practice. Be advised this is the first tournament of the new 10th edition and things will change once the rules are released. Buy your tickets now and we'll email an updated tournament Pack as soon as we confirm the new 10th Edition rules. 

You'll join other like-minded tabletop gaming enthusiasts to play 3 games that will test your tactics and skills. The rules will be matched play, and the day's spirit will be playful, fun, and supportive, with integrity and fair play leading the way.

We can't wait to see you on Sunday, 20th August 2023, at the prestigious Public Hall in Liskeard, Cornwall, for a day full of gaming. The TTSG South West Warhammer 40k Tournament Cornwall UK Tournament Pack will give you all the information you need for the event. 

Add A Battle Ready Lunch ... 

Snacks and Hot & Cold Drinks will be available throughout the day. You can also order a substantial lunch in advance, designed to keep you at your peak! Order Here. (Vegan options available. See the Snack & Drink menu in the images below). 

TTSG South West Tournament Pack

TTSG South West is a single-day tournament for Warhammer 40,000, using the Warhammer 40,000 Matched Play core rules. 

Whether you’re a newer player, an experienced veteran, or a fantastic hobbyist itching to show off your recently painted models, TTSG South West Warhammer 40k Tournament Cornwall UK is a perfect opportunity to spend a day with like-minded hobbyists.

This TTSG South West Tournament Pack covers the specific details of the event, including full details regarding the policies, model requirements and the painting competition rules.

Prizes & Awards  

The TTSG South West will give lots of awards and prizes, including:

  • Every attendee will receive a goody bag on arrival.
  • Every attendee will receive a digital Certificate sent to them after the event.
  • Results will be published on the TTSG website and emailed to each attendee.
  • Sign up for the next event on the day and receive a 10% discount.
  • Extra Prizes will be awarded for fun and random outcomes on the tabletop.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finalists will win impressive trophies, prestige beyond imagination, and all-important bragging rights.
  • Most Sporting gets a medal (voted for by attendees).
  • Last place will win the coveted golden spoon award.

Find Out More 

Find out more about Tabletop Skirmish Games at: www.tabletopskirmishgames.com

Watch Youtube videos for more details about our events and content covering all your favourite games here: www.youtube.com

On The Day ...

1. You will receive an email confirming your ticket. Keep a copy of that email and your order number. 

2. Please bring a copy of your order with you on the day as proof of purchase. 

3. All the pre-tournament instructions and information are in the TTSG TOURNAMENT PACK

4. Don't forget to pre-order your Battle Ready Lunch if you would like one. 

5. If you have any questions, please get in touch anytime here



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