TTSG South West Age of Sigmar Tournament 2nd July 2023 Results

TTSG South West Age of Sigmar Tournament 2nd July 2023 Results

Thank You! 

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in the first TTSG Age of Sigmar Tournament today! It was awesome to see you and the atmosphere in the hall was brilliant. I hope you had a fun day?
Thank you to everyone one who helped to make the day so fun, helping to transport, set up, coordinate, and support the event with prizes and more. It was so cool and the day couldn’t have happened without all your help. 

The Results! 

Here are the results for the TTSG South West Age of Sigmar Tournament 2nd July 2023: 

Final Results Based on Total Victory Points: 

Final Results Based on Wins: 

Grand Alliance Wins 

Faction Wins 

More To Come!

We’ll be sending out a certificate and feedback form by email so we can improve ready for the next AoS Tournament on 8th October 2023. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and hope to see you there for some more awesome battles! 


Your feedback so far has been really helpful. There are going to be some changes and clarifications for the scoring and pairing systems ready for the next event, so look out for those coming soon. 

Next Event 

The next event will be using the GHB 2023-2024 and we will be updating the Tournament Pack in the next couple of weeks so you'll have plenty of time to practice the battle plans. 

Ticket Link 

Thank You

Thanks again and a huge congratulations to the winners and everyone else for taking part in such a fun event. The TTSG team couldn't be happier with how the first event went, and it's all thanks to you for making it such a fun and friendly day! 

Many thanks 


TTSG Event Manager 

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