Hospital Ward Terrain Crate Unboxing Review

In today's video you'll see the Hospital Ward Terrain Crate Unboxing Review. 



Depending on your game, a hospital can be either a safe haven or a creepy labyrinth. Is this a stronghold filled with valuable medical supplies, or a locked-down prison for the deranged and macabre? This set contains beds, body bags, surgical tables, and more that would suit any hospital setting from the late 20th century to the modern-day! 



Bring your tabletop to life! TerrainCrate is a range of affordable, plastic, pre-assembled terrain that's ready straight from the box. Create the battlefield of your dreams with a huge range of incredibly detailed scenery. Whether you want a ravaged city, industrial complex or foreboding dungeon, TerrainCrate has the ideal set for you! 




  • 22 pieces of plastic scenery

Please Note:

  • One TerrainCrate: Hospital supplied
  • Supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Miniatures are for display purposes only. 



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