Health & Fitness For Tabletop Gamers

Health & Fitness For Tabletop Gamers

Health & Fitness Top Tips For Tabletop Gamers

Participating in a Warhammer Tournament can often mean being on your feet for up to 12 hours. The physical and mental tolls can be tough, especially if you want to perform at your best.

Thanks to guest blogger Jordan Yaklin from Phoenix Performance Coaching for sharing his 10 Top Tips for Health & Fitness For Tabletop Gamers. Follow these tips at your next event, and you'll keep your body and mind ready for battle! 


1. Drink

When choosing a drink, try to choose the zero-calorie option. That is a great way to cut out easy calories. Just 3 cans of soda a day is 500 calories. That's equivalent to losing 1lb a week just by switching to zero-calorie soda! 

2. Move

Movement doesn't have to be long and tedious or done in the gym. Take the stairs and park farther away in the parking lot to sneak in some extra movement each day! 


3. Half

Cutting your food in half is a quick and easy way to limit your calories while eating out. Eat half the entree and take the other half home. Now you have leftovers!

4. Sleep

Improving your energy levels is the most effective way to improve your sleep. Do so by sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, limiting caffeine and alcohol in the evening hours, limiting screen time to 2 hours before bed, and limiting any strenuous activities in the evening. 


5. Pillows

Hack your sleep environment! Creating a sleep environment promoting high-quality sleep is vital. Do so by making sure it is as dark as possible, reducing the temperature to below 70 degrees F (20 degrees C), limiting any annoying sounds like the TV, and ensuring your mattress and pillow are as comfortable as possible. Even changing just your pillow can have a drastic effect on your sleep!


6. Fast Food

How to survive the late-night fast food run? A late-night fast food run shouldn't be terrifying. Plan your meals in advance and order some lower-calorie options. For example, choose lean options over beef, remove the buns, and get a zero-calorie drink. Those three steps can take a meal that would normally be 2,500 calories to less than 1,000. Small things like that add up to long-lasting results! 


7. Distractions

Boost your mental clarity during a long tabletop session! Remove distractions like phones while playing to keep attention on the game. Take short 2-minute breaks every hour to get up, grab some water, and do some light stretching. These activities get the blood flowing to help keep you awake and alert. 


8. Berries

Berries are a great snack to bring to your next tabletop gaming session. They taste great, curb that sweet tooth, and give you a delicious snack to graze.


9. Walk

No equipment? No problem! One of the healthiest things you can do is start walking. Walking has a direct correlation with the reduction of heart disease. Get those steps in! 

10. Protein

Find yourself constantly hungry? Increase the amount of protein you eat with each meal. Some high-protein options are great, but a protein bar or shake will work just as well! 


Thanks to guest blogger Jordan Yaklin for sharing his 10 Top Tips for Health & Fitness For Tabletop Gamers!  

Jordan has helped over 300 clients achieve their goals. He's dedicated his career to ending the stigma that tabletop gamers are unhealthy, leading the way with his business, Phoenix Performance Coaching. His goal? To end that stigma together! 

Learn more about Phoenix Performance Coaching here

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