Fantastic Miniatures In A Dungeon Crawler Skirmish Game - Perfect for Solo Play!

Fantastic Miniatures In A Dungeon Crawler Skirmish Game - Perfect for Solo Play!

Fantastic Miniatures In A Dungeon Crawler Skirmish Game - Perfect for Solo Play! 

It's been great getting to know Ziga and Tjasa, the creators behind a brand new narrative driven dungeon crawler called Eldfall Chronicles, Northern Wind. Here's a quick overview of the game taken from their kickstarter page that went live today: 

"Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind is an immersive, tactical dungeon-crawler played with premium collectible miniatures. This game includes lore and gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours - plunging players into a spine-chilling adventure that will change the fate of a whole Empire.

You will battle a looming evil with 4 courageous heroes. Go at it alone or take up the challenge with your friends. Will you win the race against time and reach the summit of Mount Byodo? Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind also acts as an expansion for the Eldfall Chronicles skirmish wargame, expanding the skirmish with many new models and content, as well as giving you a new way to play in a more narrative-driven setting in the world of Calad." 

Eldfall Chronicles 

Northern Wind is a stand alone Dungeon Crawler but it's also compatible with the original Eldfall Chronicles tabletop skirmish game. The creators have included two types of cards for each character, so you can use the brand new miniatures in both dungeon crawl and skirmish games. 

The miniatures are stunning, some of the best I've seen for a dungeon crawler, and the aesthetic of the whole game is a work of art. You can really see the passion of the artists coming through in the miniatures, books, and game components such as the tokens and cards. 

Eldfall Chronicles Northern Wind


I love the Japanese inspired fantasy setting, and the artwork throughout the game sets the scene so well. The game tiles reflect the mountain terrain and immerse you in the setting, while the character and gear cards give detailed illustrations that draw you in. 

The box art is especially good, and it's one of those games you'd want to show off on your shelf. The original box art was great, but I think the team at Freecompany have taken it to the next level with Northern Wind. 

Eldfall Chronicles Northern Wind

More Independent Skirmish Games 

I'm on a mission to showcase more independent game creators and games like Northern Wind. Since visiting the UK Games Expo in June 2023, I've met a lot of creators who are developing some fun and exciting new games. 

Let me know some of the games you've got your eye on lately, I'd love to hear from you! 

Eldfall Chronicles Northern Wind

Thank You! 

Thanks for reading, and you can find out more about Northern Wind in my recent YouTube video here

Find out more about the Eldfall Chronicles Northern Wind kickstarter here

See the Eldfall Chronicles website here

Eldfall Chronicles Northern Wind

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