Add A Narrative Introduction To Your Warhammer Battles

Add A Narrative Introduction To Your Warhammer Battles

Add A Narrative Introduction To Your Warhammer Battles 

Adding a narrative introduction to Warhammer battles can greatly enhance the overall experience for players. By setting the scene and describing the environment in vivid detail, it can help to immerse players in the world of Warhammer, making the battle feel more real and impactful. 

Furthermore, a narrative introduction can provide context for the battle, helping players to understand the motivations of the different factions involved and the stakes of the conflict. It can also add an element of excitement and anticipation, building tension as the combatants prepare to engage in battle.

For players, a narrative introduction can make the battle more engaging and entertaining, drawing them into the action and helping them to feel invested in the outcome of the conflict. It can also provide a sense of narrative continuity, connecting individual battles to a larger storyline or campaign. That's how we use Narrative Introductions in our tournaments

The Gnawing Sea

Overall, a narrative introduction can add depth and richness to Warhammer battles, making them more immersive, exciting, and enjoyable for players. Here's an example of one of the Narrative Introductions we will use in our Age of Sigmar tournaments in Liskeard, Cornwall, on Sunday, 2nd July 2023: 

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Find out more about our upcoming tournament here

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