Which Theatres Of War Can You Play With The Rules

Which Theatres Of War Can You Play With The Rules?

From the hot, humid, and dense jungles to the unforgiving arctic expanses where the cold grips with an iron fist, each theatre of war presents its own set of unique challenges and strategic dilemmas. The Rogue Warriors rules allow you to play any era from World War 2 to present day and beyond. You can play any theatre-of-war within this periods, including: 

Jungle Warfare 

Arctic Warfare 

Desert Warfare 

Urban Warfare 

Maritime and Amphibious Warfare 

Mountain Warfare 

Underground and Tunnel Warfare 

Cyber and Space Warfare 


Which Theatres Of War Can You Play With The Rules


Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game 

Prepare your Fire Teams, choose your battlefield, and enter the fray. Victory awaits those bold enough to claim it. Welcome to "Rogue Warriors."  

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