What Is Modern Warfare

What Is Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare encapsulates the tactics, technology, and operations employed in contemporary military conflicts. It extends from the closing stages of World War II to the present day, covering various eras and theatres of war. Below, we explore the evolution of Modern Warfare, illustrating through examples of eras and theatres it covers, and the type of missions you might create for each. 


Post-World War II and Cold War (Late 1940s - 1991) 

After World War II, the world entered the Cold War era, marked by a state of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union and the United States, along with their respective allies. This period saw the rise of nuclear deterrence, espionage, proxy wars, and the space race.

Example Missions: 

Espionage in Berlin: The smuggling of intelligence or defectors across the Iron Curtain. 

Proxy Wars in Vietnam: Guerrilla warfare tactics focusing on ambushes, sabotage, and coordination with local villages. 


Late 20th Century Conflicts (1970s-1990s) 

This era was marked by numerous regional conflicts and the emergence of terrorism as a global threat. Technological advancements in precision weapons and surveillance played a significant role. 

Example Missions: 

Hostage Rescue in Tehran, 1980: Plan and execute a daring mission to rescue hostages from an embassy compound. 

Desert Storm, 1991: Recreate the liberation of Kuwait, focusing on precision strikes against fortified positions and mobile missile sites.


Post-Cold War and the War on Terror (1990s-2010s) 

The fall of the Soviet Union ushered in a new era of conflict, highlighted by the rise of non-state actors and the global War on Terror. Asymmetric warfare, where smaller forces employ unconventional tactics against larger, technologically superior armies, became prevalent. 

Example Missions:

Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan: Village patrols, intelligence gathering, and direct action operations against insurgent leaders or strongholds. 

Urban Warfare in Iraq: Urban combat, clearance operations, and elimination of high-value targets. 


Modern and Future Warfare (2010s-Present) 

The current landscape of modern warfare encompasses cyber warfare, the return of great power competition, and continuing counterterrorism operations. The rise of drones, artificial intelligence, and cyber operations has transformed military strategy and tactics. 

Example Missions: 

Cyber Attack Prevention: Thwart a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure, balancing offensive cyber operations with the defence of key assets. 

South China Sea Confrontation: Island defence and reconnaissance in the contested waters of the South China Sea, reflecting tensions between global powers. 


Theatres and Operations 

Modern Warfare covers diverse theatres of operations, from the dense jungles of Southeast Asia to the deserts of the Middle East, urban environments in Eastern Europe, and cyberspace. Each theatre presents unique challenges and requires tailored tactics and strategies. The following chapter will provide you with some examples. 


What Is Modern Warfare


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