Miniature Agnostic Skirmish Game

Miniature Agnostic Skirmish Game

Miniature Agnostic Skirmish Game

Rogue Warriors isn't just Era and Theatre-of-war agnostic, it's Miniature agnostic too. We prefer 28mm miniatures, but you can easily use 15mm - 40mm and keep all the measurements the same. 

You can use any miniatures you like to represent the Warriors. With so many awesome indie creators out there, the option are vast. We like Hayland Terrain and Anvil Industry, and have featured them a number of times on our YouTube Channel. 


Miniature Agnostic Skirmish Game


You can also tap into the larger companies like Warlord Games, Warhammer, and Rubicon Models. Starter sets are a great way to get two different armies with a load of miniatures and weapon options. Use these to kit out dozens of Warriors for all types of Missions. 


Miniature Agnostic Skirmish Game

Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game 

Prepare your Fire Teams, choose your battlefield, and enter the fray. Victory awaits those bold enough to claim it. Welcome to "Rogue Warriors."  

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