Assembling your Team of elite specialists is just the beginning for Rogue Warriors. Before each Mission, you’ll select an area of Expertise for the Team to reflect their background in a specific battlefield role. Each Expertise will provide a perk that strategically enhances the team's performance. 

Each Expertise brings unique advantages and represents the skills and abilities honed through rigorous training and experience. 



Here are the six core Expertise choices available in the core rules: 


Counter Terrorism 

Hostage Rescue 

Counter Insurgency 

Covert Ops 



Each Expertise in "Rogue Warriors" is designed to offer a distinct tactical advantage, encouraging players to consider their mission objectives and operational environment carefully when assembling their Team. 

Whether advancing swiftly as Raiders, taking precise shots as Counter Terrorism specialists, or making decisive moves with Hostage Rescue, each choice shapes the team’s approach to missions, offering endless strategic possibilities and paths to victory. 




Rogue Warriors: A Modern Warfare Skirmish Game 

Prepare your Fire Teams, choose your battlefield, and enter the fray. Victory awaits those bold enough to claim it. Welcome to "Rogue Warriors."  

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