Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd

Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd!

Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd!

Welcome to the Population Z guide to recognising the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs that you might be living your best undead life. If you've ever found yourself pondering if you're more 'Night of the Living Dead' than 'Living La Vida Loca,' this article is for you. In this blog post, we delve deeper into the intricacies of your potential zombification, exploring some peculiar changes you can look out for. 


 Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd


1. Vacant Expression 

Do people often ask if you're daydreaming or just vacant? Congratulations, you might be embracing your inner zombie! At least you don't have to worry about your poker face. 


2. Loss of Hair 

Hair today, gone tomorrow? If your once-luscious locks are now making a hasty escape, it could be a sign that your zombie makeover is well underway. 


3. Swollen Head 

If your head has decided to upsize without your consent, you might be on the express train to Hunstville, next stop Population Z! Embrace the cranial expansion – it's the latest in undead fashion. 


4. Bulging Eyes 

Say goodbye to your subtle, recessed eyeballs! If your eyes are bulging you're on the fast track to becoming the life of the zombie party. Who needs 20/20 vision when you've got that extra ‘pop’? 


5. Missing Teeth 

Dental hygiene is so overrated. If you find yourself frequently misplacing your teeth or leaving them behind after a hearty snack, it's not just absent-mindedness; it's a zombie lifestyle choice. 


6. Follow the Crowd 

Social conformity is your jam. If you catch yourself mindlessly following the crowd, especially if that crowd is into slow, meandering walks and an insatiable appetite for... something, you might be zomb-ing out. 


7. Scruffy Appearance 

Forget about grooming; that unkempt, scruffy look is so in right now. Embrace your disheveled appearance and wear your 'just crawled out of a grave' style with pride. 


8. Easily Distracted 

Squirrel! If your attention span resembles that of a goldfish and you're easily distracted by shiny objects, mindless scrolling or sudden movements, it's not ADD—it's just the zombie way of life. 


9. Shuffling Gait 

Who needs a brisk walk when you can master the art of shuffling? If your gait makes others wonder if you're perpetually late for a zombie dance party, you're nailing it. 


10. React to Sound 

Startled by sudden noises? Congratulations, you're not just jumpy; you're exhibiting classic zombie behavior. Extra points if you growl when the microwave beeps. 


11. Strange Spots 

If you're discovering mysterious stains on your clothing, and you have no recollection of the last time you ate spaghetti, you might be a zombie. Time to invest in stain-resistant fabric or, you know, a bib. 


12. Need Coffee 

A relentless craving for coffee? Forget about the caffeine addiction; it's your body's way of trying to stave off the impending zombie afternoon slump. 


13. Can’t Count 

Basic math eludes you? Don't worry; it's not a lack of education—it's just a side effect of the zombie transformation. Who needs numbers when you've got an insatiable appetite for humour? 


Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd!


There you go, that’s the Population Z guide to recognising the 12 subtle signs that you might be living your best undead life! 

Embrace your zombie quirks, and remember: even if you find yourself embracing the quirks of zombiehood, it's crucial to maintain your sense of humour – it's the one thing the apocalypse can't take away. 


Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd


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Zombie Life: 12 Signs You Might Be One of the Herd

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