Size Matters In Population Z

Size Matters In Population Z!

Size matters in Population Z!

The Size you choose for the Survivor will have a big impact on other characteristics. Choose from Small, Medium or Large.

Size Matters In Population Z


A Small-sized Survivor can move further, climb higher, and generally get around the battlefield more efficiently and effectively, carrying out tasks like Searching.

Small Survivors are more agile and generally react quicker to Ranged attacks, making them harder to hit at a distance.

There’s a downside, though, as the Small Survivors don’t do so well in Melee combat and can’t carry as much gear as the other sizes.

Size Matters In Population Z


A Medium-sized Survivor can be an average-sized person, an all-rounder if you like. They are great if you want a mix of movement and heavier weapon options with a Survivor who can carry an average amount of gear.

Medium Survivors are adept at Melee combat and react well to ranged attacks. Being average can work out nicely in Population Z.

While the Medium-sized survivors have no apparent downside, they also won’t stand out in a particular area as the other sizes do.

Size Matters In Population Z


A Large-sized survivor can carry more supplies, use the heaviest weapons, and hold their own in melee combat. They are perfect for securing a position or protecting the other Survivors.

The Large Survivors are great at holding off the enemy in close combat. They are more robust than the other sizes, and their larger size gives them more protection and strength in their attacks.

Being Large has its drawbacks, as the Large Survivors won’t be able to react and dodge ranged attacks so easily.

Size Matters In Population Z

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