Population Z 2024 Road Map

Population Z 2024 Road Map

As we step into the new year, I can't wait to share our action-packed road map for 2024! It will be an awesome year as we launch Population Z and grow the world together.

Population Z is a passion project I've worked on for the past couple of years. Now, I'm excited to welcome a new member to the team, my son Nicholas! Nicholas is my partner in crime, play tester and the ideas man. He has the imagination we needed to take Population Z from an idea, and something I worked on in my spare time, to a fully fledged game with a world full of characters and locations. I can't tell you how proud I am of my boy; as the game has grown, so has he, and this is the best thing that could have happened to the TTSG business and Population Z.

We're so close to launch now and have a lot planned for 2024 and beyond. We've been working on the new campaign already and have a gruesome lineup of new characters waiting for you as the year unfolds. Here's a brief overview to show you what's in store ...


Population Z 2024 Road Map


Population Z 2024 Road Map


January: The Dawn of a New Chapter

The year kicks off with a bang as we unleash the long-awaited book launch for Population Z. Brace yourselves for an epic adventure as your survivors work together to escape Huntsville. Get ready to dive into the rulebook and explore the intricacies of our game system.

Accompanying the book launch is our comprehensive "How to Play" video series. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the apocalypse, these videos will guide you through the gameplay mechanics, strategies, and tips for mastering Population Z. 


February: The Fortified Launch Window

For two full-on weeks, we're rolling out special offers and bundles that you won't want to miss. Take advantage of exclusive deals as you embark on your Population Z adventure. Look out for deep dive videos, scenarios play throughs, and lots more videos that will show off the game. 


March & April: Expanding the Apocalypse

As the days grow longer, so does the world of Population Z. March sees the introduction of new characters, NPCs, zombies, and a regular release schedule for new one-shot scenarios. Engage in fresh challenges, encounter new characters, and confront ever-evolving threats. Each month brings a wave of content, ensuring that your gaming experience remains dynamic and filled with surprises. 


May: A New Campaign Unfolds

Prepare for a brand-new campaign in May, complete with fresh characters, intriguing NPCs, and a horde of menacing zombies. Delve into a gripping narrative that will test your strategic prowess and decision-making skills. 

This campaign is not for the faint of heart—only the boldest survivors will emerge victorious. If you thought the escape from Huntsville was bad, wait until you see what awaits your survivors next! 


June: The Saga Continues

As we approach the midway point of the year, Population Z continues to evolve with new characters, NPCs, zombies, and one-shot scenarios. 



Population Z 2024 Road Map 

In the ever-expanding world of Population Z, survival is a journey, not a destination. Join us on this thrilling adventure as we navigate the twists and turns of the apocalypse.

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and exclusive content throughout the year. The apocalypse awaits—are you ready for Population Z in January 2024?! 

Many thanks 

Lee & Nicholas 


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