Gourmet Treats Await You! Population Z: Welcome to Huntsville

Gourmet Treats Await You! Population Z: Welcome to Huntsville

Welcome to Population Z, where cunning strategy and resource management can mean the difference between survival and becoming a zombie's next meal. In this tabletop skirmish game, the thrill of the hunt isn't just about evading the undead—it's also about uncovering valuable items that can turn the tide in your favour. 


The Scavenger's Dilemma 

In Population Z, every decision counts, and the scavenger's dilemma is a constant companion. Do you risk venturing into unknown territory in search of valuable items, or do you play it safe and conserve your stamina for the battles ahead? 

There's an undeniable thrill in the moment of discovery as your survivor stumbles upon a cache of items that could mean the difference between triumph and defeat. Will it be ammunition, a medical kit, weapons, mods, legendary items or perhaps a food item like the rare and coveted Canned Spinach? The anticipation builds as players roll to search and then see what they find on the search tables. 


Ug, Ug, Ug, Ug - Canned Spinach 

Canned Spinach brings a burst of excitement and power to the battlefield. Just like Popeye, your survivor gains unexpected strength after consuming this humble canned delight. The effects are immediate and can turn the tide of a melee encounter with a staggering +1 power boost to the next attack action. 




The Popeye Effect 

Picture this: your survivor, weary from the relentless pursuit of zombies, stumbles upon a dusty can of Spinach tucked away in a dilapidated convenience store. With a triumphant grin, they crack open the can and consume the green goodness within. Suddenly, their muscles bulge, and a surge of power courses through their veins. With newfound strength, they unleash a melee attack that sends zombies flying! 

Players must weigh the timing of its use, deciding whether to save it for a critical moment or deploy it immediately for a surprise advantage. The Spinach takes up a valuable carry slot, so the players must manage their resources wisely and decide what's best kept in the rucksack and what's best consumed.  


Gourmet Treats Await You! Population Z: Welcome to Huntsville 

In the apocalyptic world of Population Z, where the undead roam and resources are scarce, the thrill of discovery and the strategic use of items like Canned Spinach add excitement to each skirmish. 

Embrace the chaos, revel in the joy of finding that perfect item, and let the power of Canned Spinach propel your survivor to victory. After all, in this game, a can of Spinach might be the key to survival and the path to becoming the ultimate tabletop hero. So, survivors, venture forth, search diligently, and may the Canned Spinach be ever in your favour! 

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In the ever-expanding world of Population Z, survival is a journey, not a destination. Join us on this thrilling adventure as we navigate the twists and turns of the apocalypse.

Many thanks 

Lee & Nicholas 


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