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Escape From Huntsville: Population Z

Escape From Huntsville: Population Z

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Escape From Huntsville is the first book in the Population Z series. Population Z is set in a fictional world that has been overrun with flesh eating bulbous-headed Zombies!

The scenarios within (or Skirmishes as we call them) place you right at the beginning of the Zombie outbreak. You and your fellow survivors have to work together to escape the town of Huntsville, and find a safe haven to regroup and plan your future life in this crazy new world.

The game rules are designed to be quick and easy to learn, and you can use any miniatures or models you like. While the rules are easy to pick up, Population Z is not a children’s game, and there is a level of complexity built into it that is yours to explore. Use all the rules or leave some out; it’s up to you. This makes it great for Z-rated adult only games or suitable for games with the whole family.

Creating the survivors is a key part of the game as you choose professions and hobbies that influence their abilities. The survivors can ‘level up’ their skills as they become more resourceful, and the combination you choose makes for some interesting on table tactics and gameplay.

Although everything you need to play is contained here, Population Z is much more than a stand-alone book. We publish new skirmishes, cards, add ons, and features for the game. These are all designed for you to use so that you never run out of content. We are on a mission to publish more books, models, and merchandise, grow a community around the game, and encourage others to get involved and create their own skirmishes  and adventures too.

To help you get started, there are six Skirmishes included in this book. These Skirmishes will take you and your survivors right from the beginning of the outbreak to their escape from Huntsville, and all the gut spilling events in between!


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